The Future Landscape for Technical and Professional Education

06.06.18 | 12:06

PublicCo and CollabGroup have collaborated to conceptualise the key drivers for change in the Technical and Professional Education landscape.  We launched this publication detailing the findings of our research, and held  a roundtable discussion event. 

 Recent and planned policy reforms, such as the apprenticeship levy and the introduction of T levels, have the potential to add up to a transformation of the TPE system. But it is far from certain that this potential will be realised. For that to happen, central and local government, employers, education providers and other stakeholders need to work closely together to lead that transformation, with a shared vision and as part of a coherent strategy. The purpose of this point-of-view is thus to help shape a vision for the future of TPE that is shared across providers, employers, government and others. We view it as a contribution to a dialogue with our stakeholders, with whom we will be discussing it over the following weeks and months. 

This first paper discusses the future landscape for technical and professional education, analysing the impact of three key sets of reforms of the TPE system and five key sector contexts, covering T-levels to Brexit.

To read the full publication, click here.